• 29 Sep 2018

    When it comes to Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018,

    You have got to know about Brian Dean the man behind Backlinko Blog.

    Here's the deal

    Am going to reveal the 25 All-Time Proven Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 [That Works] to implement on your blog in 2018.

    25 Proven Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 [That Works] - The Complete List!

    1. Revive Old Blog Posts

    29,869 world Alexa rank and 67 Moz DA with 40 blog posts

    backlinko alexa rank 2018

    How is Brian doing it?

    Here is the Deal

    Backlinko blog saw a 324.46% increase in its post's (The Complete SEO Checklist For 2018) organic traffic,

    increase in blog traffic

    by adding more external links to authority sites, changing the post title,

    toc technique

    and Breaking post into section (TOC).

    That's how he is doing it - Editing Old blog posts.

    2. Smart Internal Linking

    Here is the deal

    Linking to contents (useful) on your website can increase your SEO.

    How about this for an example

    internal linking example

    and this

    on-page seo: internal linking

    continuously, Brian links to other posts on his blog.

    One mistake to avoid though is, using main keyword phrases to link

    That takes us to Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 3.

    3. Use of Multimedia

    According to Brian Dean, in his "On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page (2018 Update)"

    add multimedia to posts

    Multimedia helps in boosting user-interaction signals,

    And it increases the perceived value of your content –which means that people are more likely to link to it.

    notes this!.

    alt tags for image SEO
     John Muller - Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google

    Multimedia contents also reduce bounce rate while increasing time on site.

    In short,

    Try to include enough images and videos content to your blog post

    4. Mobile Optimization

    Google has launched its mobile-first indexing

    mobile vs desktop users
    Credit - Search Engine Land

    Research by Search Engine Land shows that 57% of internet users are mobile (phones & tablets) users.

    Hence, Google has placed a high priority on mobile SEO.

    Search Engine Land suggests one needs a responsive website in other to prepare for "Mobile First Indexing"

    Backlinko blog added more in "Mobile SEO: The definite guide" by suggesting the below

    Mobile SEO tips for 2018

    1. Improve Site Speed on Mobile devices
    2. Use more HTML5 and fewer Iframe Videos
    3. Make content readable
    4. Go for a responsive design

    page mobile friendly tool

    Use google mobile-friendly test tool to check for mobile usability.

    Up to the next Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018.

    5. Quality over Quantity.

    According to Brian Dean, Google prefers a website with fewer quality posts over one with many poor posts

    Therefore, quality over quantity.

    Neil Patel thinks posts over 3000 words get more traffic

    While HubSpot’s analysis of 6,192 articles found 2000+ words articles got more backlinks and social shares

    hubspot post length

    Here is what serpIQ found

    how long should a blog post be

    And here is how great it works.

    Backlinko currently have 41 posts published

    and he gets nothing less than 180k monthly unique visitors from Google.

    monthly pageviews

    how about that for smart work?

    Here are two helpful guides to come up with long content

    6. Niche Influence

    When I say Backlinko, what comes to your mind?

    SEO, Link building etc what else?

    How about, Linda Ikeji?

    News, Gossip etc right?

    That's niche influence - Picking a topic and dominating it!.

    Scroll down, 40 posts of Backlinko blog, all you gonna find is SEO

    The good part is, he has become an influencer in SEO and Link Building.

    who is backlinko

    how about this...

    becoming an influencer

    In summary, become an Authority in your Niche.

    how to do that? - write more case studies and be a research addict.

    7. Social Signal (Shares)

    How about getting 31,814 social shares for a start?

    social signal in seo

    Here's Optinmoster's answer to the question

    Does Social Media Affect SEO ranking?

    Does Social Media Affect SEO ranking

    and SeoCentro gives Social shares a whopping 5 star as a ranking signal

    social shares in seo

    So by social signal, what do we mean?

    BigCommerce has this to say

    bigcommence of social shares for seo

    Conclusion, Social Signal plays a role in SEO

    guess that's why Jide boldly displays it share count!


    How to get more social shares? 

    Neil suggests

    1. Use of Social media buttons
    2. Writing quality & in-depth contents
    3. Use of Click to tweets 
    4. Optimized post titles etc.

    let's talk about "In-depth content".

    8. In-Depth Topic Research

    In-Depth topic research = Quality content + high social shares + first page ranking.

    Here is how it works

    Writing quality contents is not all about the length,

    information covered matters a lot.

    Neil Patel, suggest long contents only so a publisher can cover all the points in the topic.

    How then, do you cover all the point without in-depth topic research?

    Consider searching for Facts, infographics, publications etc that support each point you are covering.

    9. Basic On-Page SEO Settings

    Filling a basket with water is a waste of time!

    and here is why?

    Baskets have holes and can't hold water - get a bucket instead.

    Here's the gist

    Fixing On-Page SEO issues such as PageSpeed, Responsiveness, User-Friendly etc

    improves your site SEO rank.

    Backlinko gets a page speed of

    pagespeed insights tool

    and a pass mark for mobile friendliness

    mobile friendly test

    That takes us to technique 9

    9. PageSpeed Optimization

    User signals such as Bounce Rate has long become a part of Google's ranking factors

    and here is why;

    Bounce Rate is widespread to be caused by slow loading sites, especially on mobile.

    Now with Google introducing Mobile first indexing, optimizing for speed is becoming even more important.

    Here is BloggingPrince.com speed test result on PageSpeed Insights.

    speed up blogger blog

    Using Pingdom Speed Test

    pingdom pagespeed tool

    You should also try Gtmetrix.

    10. Keyword Targeting

    How do you know what to write about?

    let me rephrase

    How do you know what will drive the most traffic?

    Bet you, that's Keyword Targeting.

    Baclinko's post "SEO Tools: The Complete List (2018 Update)" ranks on the number one spot for

    the keyword "SEO tools"

    keyword targeting

    Here's the catch!

    SEO tools has Volume: 40,500/mo | CPC: $5.27 | Competition: 0.4

    keyword targeting competition

    Quite easy for a blog with 67 DA and 60 PA to rank for!.

    so what keyword should you target?

    and there we go with the Backlink SEO strategy 10

    11. Target Long Tail Keywords

    For a start,

    What are long tail keywords?

    Long tail keywords are audience specific keywords which happen to contain as from 3-word phrases.

    HubSpot defines something similar

    what are long tail keywords

    Examples of Long tail keywords are

    1. Best SEO Strategies
    2. Semrush Keyword Research
    3. Off Page SEO

    Neil says Long tail keywords are better because of 1) low competition, 2) better conversion rates

    and more which you read on his 11 Reasons You Need to Focus on Long-Tail Keywords for SEO.

    Let's check out a few helpful keyword research tools.

    1. Keywords Everywhere - A browser addon to find keywords on the go
    2. Related Search - Fertile land for finding long tail keyword
    3. Adwords - Get data such as CPC, competition and monthly search of a keyword.
    4. Google Search Console - Find keywords you are already ranking for.

    Next SEO hack is "Using GSC Information to increase rank".

    12. Google Search Console SEO Hack

    Does it make sense to you, to view keywords you already rank for?

    why would you want to do that?

    Definitely, to increase your ranking.

    Heres the fact

    Your targetted keyword could be "2018 SEO Strategies"

    and Google will rank you on the second page for "SEO Hacks".

    so, finding out such data will equip you to update such post, and sprinkle "SEO Hacks" in important areas for increased ranking...

    Here is how to get that done on search console

    google search console

    Open search console > Search Traffic > Search Anaytics.

    google search console search analytics

    Tick "Impressions, CTR, and Position" for more data.

    13. Fetch As Google Technique

    Here's the truth

    rank your blog post in less than 5minutes

    you can rank your blog post in less than 5minutes using Fetch as Google tool.

    Here is how to get it done.

    google search console crawl

    Open search console > Crawl > Fetch as Google

    fetch as google

    Input your URL and render.

    14. Heading Optimization

    How effective are h2,h3, and h4 on On-Page SEO?

    here is what Marieke at Moz says

    headings in seo

    In summary, Proper use of heading tags can boost your site's traffic and ranking.

    Best Heading Practices for Better On-page SEO

    • Include the main keyword in at least 1 heading tat 
    • Maximum of 30 headings per post
    • Practice proper heading structure (h2 important heading, h3 less important).

    15. Upside down Guest Posting

    is guest posting still effective?


    But you have got to know something crucial!.

    Writing a guest post and including just an Author box, has stopped being effective

    and here is why

    Author boxes are hidden and readers can't go that long way down.

    shoutmeloud author box

    But here is a guest post strategy that works

    The Upsidedown Gusting posting hack.

    Here is what you do basically.

    Instead of adding a link to the author box, you simply create helpful resources.

    backlinko guest posting technique
    Credit: Backlinko

    Add one or two resources from your blog and from other blogs.

    16. Build a brand

    Neil Patel has got this to say

    neil on build a brand

    the bottom line is,

    you are entitled to more ranking signal as a brand than just being a blog.

    See why big brand such as CNN, Wikipedia dominate the web...

    and here is how far it has taken Neil Patel

    neil patel traffic increase

    The summary is, build brand credibility online

    These tips should be helpful

    • Blog Weekly
    • Create Videos
    • Speak at conferences

    find more tips on "The Future of SEO: It’s Not What You’re Expecting" by Neil Patel.

    17. Post Title Powerups

    Post titles are super SEO effective

    and here is why

    Google indexes a blog and displays it to its audience through the post title.

    post title for seo

    In other words,

    A post title is a blog's number one organic traffic attraction.

    Making it effective is required for all.

    CoScedule Headline analyzer, suggests headline should contain emotional & power words

    coschedule headline analyzer result

    These powerups help make blog title effective for SEO.

    18. Use of LSI Keywords

    It makes sense for Google to display a post on "social media marketing" under "Facebook marketing"

    But how is this possible? - LSI keywords.

    SEO Tips in 2018, recommends webmasters to sprinkle a few LSI keywords related to the main keyword inside the post.

    and here is a free tool to find LSI Keywords.


    Go to LSI Graph >> Input Keyword >> Solve the reCaptcha.

    lsi keywords

    Above is a list of LSI keywords, do well to place them in your post.

    19. CTR Optimization

    Click Through rate is an important factor to consider in SEO.

    Funny, we rank but don't convert.. doesn't make sense!

    CTR Optimization increases page views by attracting a huge number of users to click on your link.

    here is what am saying

    ctr optimization

    Between the two posts above, which do you think will get most clicks?

    backlinko.com right?

    and this is why...

    When users search for a keyword, they have a question in mind.

    Your ability to figure out this question (Search Intent) and answer it matters to CTR.

    Which Brian did with this "Want more traffic from Google? Then you're in the right place".

    The second reason is the use of TOC widget

    toc for CTR

    You can see the optimized link, boldly displayed.

    In summary, increased CTR = increased Traffic.

    20. Link building

    SEO Hack of all time, still very important.

    Link building stands firm and even Wordstream confirms it

    wordstream backlink for seo

    Here are 2 worth knowing tips to get more backlinks in 2018

    1. Upsidedown guest posting
    2. Writing linkable content

    21. Deleting Zombie pages

     Type in site:yourblogname.com (e.g site:bloggingprince.com)

    and you would find numerous pages low ranked pages;

    delete them

    delete low ranked pages

    Examples of zombie pages on my blog.

    but why delete zombie pages?

    here is what Backlinko have to say

    deleting low ranked pages

    check out next Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018

    22. Optimize for Featured Snippet

    Here's the plain truth

    you can easily drive a high proportion of the traffic of a search query without ranking number one.

    Here is what it is...

    Optimization for Featured snippets.

    Google, has realized featured snippets (answer box) to help users find quick answers

    and you can totally take advantage of it.

    Here is an example of a featured snippet (list )

    how to optimize for featured snippets

    here is another (paragraph).

    featured snippet paragraph example

    so how do I get ranked for a featured snippet?

    here are the 3 best practices

    1. Increase your DA and PA 
    2. Practice long tail keyword targeting
    3. Get into details

    That's what most webmasters suggest.

    But here is what I figured out.

    how to cook rice

    Above photo, shows a featured snippet for "how to cook fried rice"

    and here is how the actual page looks like

    featured snippet trick

    In summary, if you wish to get a quick featured snippet, ask a question using a heading tag (h2)

    and answer using list or paragraph as the case may require.

    23. Link to External Sites

    Prove to Google your information is proof-oriented by linking to authority sites

    Bottom line is

    You don't only need sites linking to you, you need to link to sites too.

    Here are the words of Brian dean on this

    external links on seo

    Linking to at least 4 authority websites on the topic you are working should send such signal.

    24. Make your Content linkable

    fact is,

    No one is going to link to you if you don't prove your information!

    Here is Backlinko's "SEO tools: the complete list" backlinks

    backlinko seo tools rank

    and this for "21 Actionable SEO Techniques"

    Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 rank

    Dean has made his content industry valuable and people are gonna link to it.

    25. Optimize for Voice Search

    My mum practically prefers to say "Hello Google", than to type in keywords

    bottom line is

    Voice search is changing the way people search for information on the web.

    a while ago, you probably have people type in keywords such as

    how to make tea, where is mrbigs etc 

    But with Voice search, users practically input more words and also more specific,

    a granny might just be saying to "Google"

    hello Google, how do you make sugar-free tea at home?

    Hence, more words and specific targetting.

    It is therefore smart to answer questions on

    1. How
    2. Where
    3. What
    4. Who

    Check out Backlinko's "Voice Search: The Definite Guide" for more SEO techniques.

    So... What do you think?

    Now, it's your turn. I want to hear from you

    Which of the 25 Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 from today’s post are you going to try first?

    or did I miss one of your favorite technique?

    Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.


    1. Thank you Best.

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      So which hack would you be trying first or you already make use of?

    3. Well, for me I learnt among others something on linking to external sites and why I should.Thanks for sharing Prince.

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    5. Mr_BP Tank you 4 sharing the 25 Proven Backlinko Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 [That Works] - The Complete List!

      I do lean from dam am going to make
      Use Of Multimedia
      Mobile Optimization
      Link Building
      Link To External Sites
      Deleting Zombie Pages

      Mr_Bp tnks again


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